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Useful Queries For PostgreSQL Index Maintenance

PostgreSQL has a rich set of indexing functionality, and there are many articles explaining the syntax, usage, and value of the index. In this article, I will write basic and useful queries to see the state of database indexes. People develop databases and after some time, when there is a demand to do changes in the architecture of software, they forget to do the previous indexes’ cleanup. This approach creates a mess and sometimes slows down the database because of too many indexes. Whenever we do an update or insert, the index will be updated along with the actual table, therefore there is a need for cleanup.
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Handling NULL Values in PostgreSQL

There is often some confusion about NULL value, as it is treated differently in different languages. So there is an obvious need to clarify what NULL is, how it works in different languages, and what the actual value is behind the NULL. Before going into details, there is also a need to understand the concept of Three-valued logic[1] and Two-valued logic known as bivalent[2]. The bivalent is a concept of boolean value where value can be true or false, but contrary to bivalent the Three-valued logic can be true, false, or (intermediate value) unknown. Now, back to NULL. In some languages NULL acts as bivalent, and in others, Three-valued logic (especially in databases).

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