Monthly Archives: August 2019

A Faster, Lightweight Trigger Function in C for PostgreSQL

We have been writing blog posts about how to write simple extensions in C language and a little more complex one by Ibrar which were well received by PostgreSQL user community. Then we observed that many PostgreSQL users create simple triggers for small auditing requirements, and then feel the pain of trigger on transactions. So we were discussing how simple/lightweight and faster a trigger function is when written in C. Generally, Trigger functions are written in high-level languages like PlpgSQL, but it has a higher overhead during execution and it can impact the transactions – and thereby application performance.
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How to Adjust Linux Out-Of-Memory Killer Settings for PostgreSQL

In a Linux world, whenever your database server crashes or gets terminated, you need to find its cause. There can be several reasons for this. It can be SIGSEGV, which is a crash due to some bug in the backend server, but this is the least likely reason. The most common reason is running out of disk space or running out of memory. If you are getting the “running out of space” error, the only solution is to clear some space and restart your database.

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