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PostgreSQL CommitFest 2019-03 Ends

PostgreSQL has a very unique way to review the code submitted by developers. Most open source software uses Github pull requests to accommodate users’ code. PostgreSQL has a Github page but doesn’t manage pull requests using Github. Many years ago, PostgreSQL introduced CommitFest to manage its patches, where postgres opens for a three to four month “festival” to accept patches. The CommitFest is set up to keep track of patches’ statuses. In practice, CommitFest is mainly an admin page used to manage patches. Volunteers and community committers review the submitted code, after which committers are able commit those patches that have been approved. There have been almost 22 CommitFest events since 2014.

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Writing PostgreSQL Extensions is Fun – C Language

PostgreSQL is a powerful open source relational database management system. It extends the SQL language with additional features. A DBMS is not only defined by its performance and out of the box features, but also its ability to support bespoke/additional user-specific functionality. Some of these functionalities may be in the form of database constructs or modules, like stored procedures or functions, but their scope is generally limited to the functionality being exposed by the DBMS. For instance, how will you write a custom query-analyzing application that resides within your DBMS?

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